Which recipe should I pick?

This is perhaps the most frequently asked question I get. If you want to discuss which video will work best, please send me an email. Ultimately, you know your recipes the best. Selecting recipes that are already known to be popular often results in a popular video. There’s a reason why people like that recipe.

Recipes that are somehow controversial can also make great videos. For example, recipes that are not “authentic” that people will argue over, recipes that include controversial ingredients like cool whip or tuna. Recipes that have a high fat content. If it makes someone want to comment, the engagement rate will sky rocket.


How to I upload my video to Facebook? How do I re-share it?

Please see the instructions HERE.


Why do I need video content?

In 2015 70% of online traffic in North America was for video content (source). That number is only rising.  Facebook expects itself to be all video by 2021 (source). To put it bluntly, video is the future, and if you aren’t in it you will be left to fight for “the scraps” on the little traffic there is left.

Facebook: Video can significantly increase your reach on Facebook and can drive likes to your page in droves. Not only can your Facebook page grow, our videos are specifically designed to drive traffic to your website. Several of our clients have grown their Facebook pages to millions of followers, and several have increased their traffic by more than 1 million pageviews a month.

Website Content: Most ad networks allow you to upload and host your videos through them or a third party where they can monetize your video and embed it in any website or blog post. Not only does this provide added value to your site for your readers, it also increases your SEO for google, and ad rates on video content with most networks averages a $15 CPM.

Other Social Media: Our 30-60 second video can also be uploaded to Instagram and Twitter which means you have even more platforms to promote your video, website content, and/or brands.


Do you create sponsored/branded videos?

Yes! Please pass on all detailed requirements for the video with your order. Please note that there is special pricing for branded video so you will need to select one of our branded videos for purchase.


How long will it take you to make my video?

Our turnaround time can vary. You can see the current turnaround time on the order page.


Can you do a square video?

Yes! Please indicate in your order form whether you’d like a square video or traditional HD format (rectangle video). We provide both formats to you, as well as a one minute version (for those who are with adthrive), but please indicate which format you’d like the video optimized for.


How will my video be delivered to me?

Your video will be delivered to you via DropBox.


How can I pay?

Payment is made via PayPal to rachelcfarnsworth@gmail.com. Payment is due at the time of your order.


Does your price include ingredients?

For the most part, yes. If your video requires any high-end ingredients (prime steak, lobster, etc.) there may be an additional charge. Please contact me if you have any concerns about that.


Who owns the copyright on the video?

The video will be 100% yours. You can do whatever you’d like with it. We will never sell your video to any third parties.


Can I insert my own end card?

Absolutely. Please follow the instructions for transferring those files to us. If you want an animated end card created for you, please contact us. We charge a $50 fee for animation. Please contact me for custom animation.


Can I have the measurements and ingredients shown or not shown in the video?

Yes. On your order form you will be asked to indicate whether you want measurements or ingredients shown. You can do both, just ingredients, or none. Not showing measurements and/or ingredients may increase your click through rate as interested viewers will need to click through to get the full recipe.


Are there any recipes you won’t do?

We do not make videos with extensive or intricate cake or cookie decorating. We do have a contact who has the ability to make these videos, but it requires special pricing. Please contact us for details at FDMVideos@gmail.com


Do you add in any of your own personal branding for Farnsworth Digital Media?

No. We want the video to be 100% yours. There’s no reason for your viewers to know that it wasn’t you who personally made it.


What is your policy on similar recipes?

Due to the artistic nature of food videos it is very difficult to create completely different looking videos using very similar recipes. Recipe ownership in the food world is a sensitive subject. We make no claims as to where recipes originate from. Clients are free to submit any recipe they’d like for video creation, however, we reserve the right to decline to make a video. We do our best to protect our clients. If you ask for a similar video to be made as one we have already done, we will most likely decline your video request unless there is some way to make the video extremely different.


Do you make any guarantees?

We do not make any guarantees as to how successful your videos will be. We cannot guarantee that a video will reach viral status or meet any kind of metrics. It is up to you to provide recipes you think will do well and to promote your video content.


What is your refund policy?

Refunds will be given in full if there is any reason why we cannot create your video. Refunds can be given if you need to cancel your video as long as your video has not already been made.